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Trick To Bypass Web Tunnel Daily Limit Step By Step

Trick To Bypass Web Tunnel Daily Limit:-

Hello Guys, Many Visitors asked me about the Trick To bypass Web Tunnel Daily Limit. So, In this post I am gonna share the trick. Web Tunnel is one of the best VPN for mobile that manage our own host and proxy. Specially, It is used to get free internet in some countries. This post is specially for Nepalese Friend who asked me about this trick.  Web Tunnel is very good but It have one problem. It limits its daily data usage which is 150 MB per day.

trick to bypass web tunnel daily limit

Trick To Bypass Daily Limit Of Web Tunnel


Requirement For The Trick To Bypass Web Tunnel Daily Limit

Trick To Bypass Web Tunnel Daily Limit

This is a very simple trick but It takes few time. You don’t have to be expert for this trick. You only need few knowledge about mobile. So, Here are some Steps to complete this trick. I will try my best to explain this trick with you. At first install web tunnel and remember don’t open it. If you have already installed and opened it then clear data and restart phone then only follow the steps.

  Step 1 In this step You have to enable Developer Option. To enable it Go To Setting>About Phone Then Tab on Build Number three times. Then a notification will pop up which show “Developer mode has been enabled”. Then Go To “Developer Option” that you will find on the Setting. Then on that developer option and Enable on “Don’t Keep Activities” option.

don't keep any activities

Don’t Keep Activities


Step 2 Open ES File Explorer and click on the option which is in the left side. And scroll down to enable Show Hidden File as shown in the figure below.

show hidden file


  Step 3 Now Go To Internal Storage/sdcard0>Android And open “.playstor.srf.h” file.

open file


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  Step 4 Now Edit the First two number and Make it 25 and Save It. For eg:- Edit 09 and change it into 25.

edit file

All done Guys. This is the Trick To Bypass Web Tunnel Daily Limit. Hope you guys enjoyed my article. Don’t forget to like our Official Page for more info. If you have any problem then contact us through Our Page. Stay Tuned.

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