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How To Write SEO Friendly Articles On Blog – 7 Tips

How To Write SEO Friendly Articles On Blog, How To Make SEO Optimized Article- I shared some information about What is SEO And How To Optimize It. And I also told you How To submit Blog on Google then How you will get Traffic from Search Engine. Traffic from Sharing And Promotion have no value in comparison with Search Engine Traffic. In SEO Optimization, You must do On Page SEO before Off Page SEO Optimization.

seo friendly articles on blog

How To Write SEO-Friendly Articles On Blog

Organic Traffic from Google, Yahoo & Bing is very Important for your Blog because this will help you to make your Blog SEO Optimize Then You will get more Traffic From Search Engine. For SEO Optimization, You must have SEO Friendly Articles which help you to get Search Engine Traffic. It helps you to make your CPC & Bounce Rate & Earning Better.

This is very important for Perfect Search Engine Optimization And In this article, We are going to share How To Write SEO Friendly Article. By writing a simple post on Blog without SEO haven’t any value and It will not help you in Ranking, Search Engine Optimization, Fast Indexing. Finally you don’t have any value of these post. SEO Friendly Post & Fast Indexing post will easily Rank in Search Engine. It will helps you so must. So, I am going to share this article.

Search Engine Robots & Spider Crawler your Post and According to this SEO, it gives rank in Search Engine. If your post is SEO Friendly Post & Search Engine Algorithm Friendly then you will get more Search Traffic. But If doesn’t match to SEO then you will not get any Search Traffic. So, Here are some Tips which help you to make SEO Optimization of your blog better.

7 Tips To Write SEO Friendly Articles On Blog

I think you all know the Important of SEO. If you have a WordPress Blog then you can use Yoast Plugin and write Readability SEO Friendly Post. But If you are BlogSpot User then this post will gonna help you so much. Here are some tips, How To Write Readability Blog Post

1. SEO Friendly Post Title

Post Heading is also called Post Title, According to the data of Search Engine, 70% of the Traffic of any blog is generated due to the Post Title. Some people select their title without any sense but there are some rules to be follow for SEO.

Whenever Visitor search something on Google, Yahoo & Bing then He only clicks in Attracting Title.

  • Total Blog Post Title Character must be 66.
  • Don’t forget to use your keyword in the title.
  • Don’t use more “Stop Words” in title.
  • Don’t repeat your keyword in the title which makes visitor confuse.
  • Use Numbers, Special Character, Question Mark in the title.
  • For Good Title, Focus on main keyword.

Don’t forget these point during your post writing time. It helps use to write a SEO Friendly Post by making SEO Friendly Post Title.

2. Make Articles SEO Friendly

You have learned about Post Title SEO but SEO Friendly Article is also one of the most important factor because Google Robots Analysis your post during Crawler time and if your post is not SEO Friendly then it will decrease ranking.

There are some people who write articles according to their style but that is not enough. You must write article according to the visitor. Here are some tips which helps to improve your blog.

  • Always focus on keyword in your Post.
  • Use less “Stop Words” in Post
  • Don’t repeat Keyword many times in the post. It will effect SEO and it may Penalized your blog too. In average you must have 0.4-0.8% of keyword density in your post.
  • Make your Paragraph Short and Small for better SEO.
  • Use Heading and Subheading in the article.
  • You must have one image in the article. Not-even for SEO, It also make your article cool.
  • Make your article as long as you can. You must have 300 word which is compulsory but If you want Good Result then you must have more than 800 words.

These are some Tips from which you can make your Blog Article Better SEO Optimization and SEO Friendly Articles on Blog.

3. Image Optimization

Every New Booger have one question, How to Optimize Image of Blog And What should they add in Description, Alt Tag, Caption And Title. This is also one of the most important factor for SEO Because 20% of Traffic from Search Engine comes from Image. If you have done Better Image Optimization Then you will get More Organic Traffic.

Now Here are some tips which help you to make SEO Friendly Blog by Optimizing Image of your Blog.

  • Use Proper Name Of Image. Never Use Name like “123.Jpg” & “Abc.Jpg“. You have to use a name like “How-to-optimize-image.jpg” For Better SEO.
  • Don’t forget to use Alt Tag in the image. Search Engine Robots search Image Alt Tag and categorize the image in its on way.
  • Don’t use heavy image/ image having high size. It effects in the speed/page load. Google never recommend the blog which takes more time to load.
  • Use Alt Attribute in Image. Note:- Alt Attribute must contain Keyword For Better SEO.
  • Write some description in the image which must be related to title or article.

If you follow these points then You can post SEO Friendly Articles on Blog. And Your Image will be properly Optimize.

4. Proper Way To Use Keyword

In the Blogging, Keyword is King Because to find the specific keyword is easier than to use keyword in the Post. Most important factor of SEO is How To Use Keyword In Proper Way.
So, I am going to give you 5 tips to Better SEO Optimize by using keyword properly.

  • Use keyword in Blog Title.
  • Don’t forget to add Keyword in Post Link which is also called Permalink
  • Add Keyword in Search Description & Meta Description to do Better SEO.
  • Use Focus Keyword in First And Last Paragraph.
  • Blog your Keyword To highlight it.

In this Paragraph, I shared some information and Tips From which you can SEO Friendly Articles On Blog. If you use your keyword in better way and followed these steps then SEO will give you Better Result.

5. Do Better SEO Using H1, H2, H3 Headings

To give better Readability in your Post, You must use Images, Links & Heading And Subheadings. Search Engine Robots, Spider Bots analysis your blog through the Heading too. If your post doesn’t contain such things then Your post will be categorized in Low Quality Content Post.

You must have 1 Headings/Paragraph After 150 Words. For Eg:- 2Headings = 150+150 Words = 300 Words.

By following this step, You have to write your post in H2 & H3 Headings. The most important Heading is H1, Search Engine scan H1 heading first. So, Make your Readability SEO Optimization good which helps you to make SEO Friendly Articles On Blog.

6. By Adding Internal Links

There are many problems in Blogger Life. But don’t worry every problem have solution. If you are going to post any articles then link your Old Post Link which is related to that topic in new posts. It helps to increase your Traffic too. It also helps to control Bounce Rate of your Blog. According to my analysis, 30% of Traffic comes from Internal Links.


7. Use Proper Category & Tags

I already explained about the Interlinking. Similarly Category & Tags also helps to increase Traffic of your blog. If you are WordPress User then you can add Tag and Category easily. But If you are BlogSpot Blogger then you can make Label for this.

Never add any post in Category list, Always add it in the related Category. And Always Add tags which is similar to your topic.

These are some Tips to do Search Engine Optimization And SEO Friendly Articles On Blog that you learned from How To Write SEO Friendly Articles On Blog. You can give Good Readability Look and Make it SEO Friendly which is very important for SEO Optimization.

If you have any questions or want any answer then Comment below in the comment section, We are here 24/7 to help you. Thanks Reader for reading our How To Write SEO Friendly Articles On Blog Post.


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