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How To Get .uk Domain Free For 1 Year

How To get .uk domain free For 1 Year!  After many request of visitor I have decided to share a trick to  get .uk domain free or for 1 year.  You don’t have to pay for it. So, If you are interested for this then don’t miss any steps and follow it carefully. At last, I am sure You will be able to get one domain with this trick.

Get .UK Domain Free

Get .UK Domain Free

There are many company that provide domain where we can get domain as our wish but we have to pay some cash for it though it is not so high amount cash. In such sites, some offers low level domain for free for 1 year like .tk. But Names is one of the unique domain provider which provide 2 high level domain for free for 1 year. They are providing .co and domains. You don’t have to pay for it But after 1 year you must renew as usual.


Important Of  High Level Domain like .uk or

  • Google gives priority to high level domain like .com .org .uk .net, etc. But it gives less priority to free domain like .tk .bv, etc.
  • Ninety-five per cent of people are familiar with the TLD – a significantly higher proportion than for the new TLDs such as .london, .shop, .company or .xyz, which all have 10 per cent or less awareness
  • Seven out of ten people would rather visit a than a .com when they are searching for products or services
  • .uk domains are seen as adding these connotations and values to your business: National, Authentic, Relevant, Professional, Credible, Trustworthy and Secure.

 Requirement To get .uk domain free

  1. You must have a Debit/Credit Card like Visa, American Express Or MasterCard.
  2. Simple knowledge about internet.


Here are some simple steps to Get .UK Domain Free

Step 1 First of All, Go to Names (Domain Provider) [] And search for the domain name that you desire to get free. I have also added some screenshots which helps you to understand it easily.

free .uk domain

Search Result Of Your Domain


Step 2 After this You will see a page where 2 domain were selected for you .uk and If you want to take only one domain the you can deselect manually. Then click on the Proceed to Basket button. Then again you have to click on Proceed to Basket on next page as shown in the figure below.

one year free .uk domain

Select your domain here


Step 3 In the third step, You have to select types of domain or how are you going to manage your website. If you want to manage your site with own web desining tool (Web Builder) Then you have to select the another option. But If you haven’t any knowledge about that then leave that option black and click on Proceed Option.

free .uk website

Select your management option


Step 4 In this you will get some option where privacy for your domain selected automatically but you have to deselect that option because you have to pay for it. And Finally You have to click at Proceed to Checkout Option as shown in the figure below. .uk free domain

Deselect these option and click on Proceed to Checkout


Step 5 In this step, You just have to click on  Continue as a New Customer and create a account. To create account, get fake address of UK from google then signup.

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Step 6 In this step, You again have to select your address manually. Check the screenshots give below.

names .uk domain free

Select Domain Oder Location

After this a page will open where you have to add full info. I have added some info which helps you to add it on your domain registration.

address for .uk free domain

Fill Oder Location

Now select your type like for what purpose you want to register domain like Business or Customer. Then click on Confirm Option.


Step 7 This is final step of this trick. Here you have to select your Card type fill some info. Then you have to click on Confirm Button then you will get your conformation letter on gmail and also on that site.

names .uk free domain billing address

Select your card and fill info


Conclusion:- After reading this post, You will be able to Get .UK Domain Free. If you have any problem on this article, Please comment below. And don’t forget to like our Official Facebook Page  Tips Tricks Techs .

Thanks Reader!


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