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How To Create Facebook App ID Step By Step

Create Facebook App ID Trick Step By Step:- I am sharing many information related to Facebook. If you are blogger and A Facebook User then you must read this article. This is very important and I am going to share this in this article.

create facebook app id

This is product of Facebook F8 in which to Access Facebook Account Automatically with the help of Facebook App & Secret Key. It generate token from which you can Access Facebook Account. This token can be used for many purposes while we are accessing our Facebook Account in blog or many other activities.

The main interesting fact about this is:- The Access Token created by Facebook App ID Or Secret Key is a Unique Code from which you can login your Facebook Account without your ID and Password. You can even create your own Application from Facebook Open Graph Developers.

For Blogger this is very important when Social Plugins tries to connect Facebook then You have to create Facebook Application. For SEO to connect Meta Tags in Blog, this is used.
Everyone do Off Page SEO for more traffic and create Facebook Page of our Blog. To establish connection between Facebook Page and Blog, you need Facebook Access Token. For his you must to create Facebook App.

How To Create Facebook App ID & Secret Key Step By Step

In this article, I will give you Trick To Create Facebook App ID For Page Step By Step. To add Share Button, Social Connection, Facebook Comment Plugin And Facebook Page, this is very important. If you are WordPress User then this will be easy for you. But if you are Blogger then you can also do this from Meta Tags.

You don’t have to do Coding Or Developer to create Facebook App ID 😛 . This is very simple trick. The steps has been changed few months ago. So I am gonna share latest working trick. Don’t miss any Steps.
Here are some steps for this:-

Step 1 First Of All, Open the browser from which you want to create App IP and Login your Facebook Account on that browser OR Click on Login to login.


Step 2 Now Go To Facebook Developers Page and click on Add A New App.


Step 3 You will get 4 Different Platform Option here. You have to select your Platform. If you are doing this for Website Or Blog Then Select Website(WWW) Option.


Step 4 In this step, You have to fill Brand & App Name. After this click on Create New Facebook App ID button.

Step 5 Choose E-Mail Address and Category and click on Create App ID on this step.


Step 6 Now in the Next Page, You have to fill Site Link URL then click on Next.


Step 7 Then click on “Skip To Dashboard” in the Next Page. Now You will be redirected to App ID Main Page.

In the Dashboard, You will get your all required information like App ID, Secret ID. This will be very useful for you. I am gonna tell that Benefit.

Benefits Of Facebook App ID And Access Token

  • For Auto-like And Auto Comment, You must need Facebook App Access Token.
  • To connect Meta Tag and Facebook Page with Blog and set Automatic Page Access on Blog.
  • Facebook Bot Sites is also provided with the help of Access Token.
  • It helps to connect your Blog with Social Share Buttons And Plugins Related To Facebook.

Friends!! Now You can make Facebook Token with Facebook App ID Or Secret Key ID. If you are Blogger then this post will help you so much. You can do SEO Optimization & Offset SEO in Yoast Plugin.
You can ask any question related to this topic in the comment section. If you need any other help then inbox us in our Official Page.

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