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Change Android Into Iphone Without Root

How To Change Android Into Iphone Without Root:-

Iphone is world’s popular and highly costly phone in these days. Some visitor requested  me to share a trick how to change Android Into Iphone. So I am here for this topic. If you are Android Smartphone user then this post is for you. In this post I am gonna give you Perfect Tips to change Android Into Iphone.

Change Android Into Iphone

Everyone likes Iphone iOS appearance because it seems Professional and User Interface. In the case of Price, Price od Iphone starts from $400 whereas price of Android Smartphone starts from $75. If we talk about Iphone then Price of Diamond Rose Iphone is $8 Million.

Android Operating System is customizable And You can download useful Apps Or Games from Google Play Store. You can change the looks of Android to Iphone Looks by downloading Android based Third Party App.


Make Your Android Interface Look Like iPhone

I will give you some tips and suggest some best Android Third Party App from which you can help you to change the appearance of your Android Smart Phone. Your Phone will be totally looks like Iphone.


How To Change Android Into Iphone :- Full Guide Step By Step

In this, I will give your Tips and Tricks which helps you to change Android into Iphone. Remember:- This process doesn’t require Root Access. So In this the good thing.

Tip 1To change the Android Smartphone UI, you will get many Lunchers Application from which Your Smartphone Look Like Iphone and You can make it professional. Now I am going to tell you the trick to change xOS launcher’s Android Looks Into Iphone look.

1 First Of All Download xOS Launcher in your Android Mobile. You can click on the button given below to download it.
2 After the completion of Installation process, Open that app and follow the instruction given by app.

3 After completion of Setup, You can change the appearance and design to change the look of your Android Phone Into Iphone.

Tip 2

In this tip, I am going to explain How Clean UI App (Third Party Application) Helps To Change The Overall Looks Of Your Android Phone. Everyone likes Iphone have User Friendly Look. So, Clean UI App also helps you to give user friendly look.

1First Of All, You have to install Clean UI App in your Smartphone. Direct link of the app is given below.

2After the installation of Launcher Clean UI, activate it Then Your Mobile look like iOS. You will get a setting in your Home-screen which helps you to can change setting and change the appearance as you want.

You can easily change Android into Iphone by installing Third Party Application and modify it but You will need Root privilege. And you also can install Custom iOS Rom on your Android and can change totally into Iphone. But According to My Tricks And Tips, You don’t need any root privilege. Only a Iphone Launchers Can change the appearance.

Finally Friends I shared the trick to Change Android Phone Into Iphone And Best Android Launchers.. Do you have any question related to this post? If yes then please comment. If you like this post then comment below, Then In next Article I will share Top and Popular Launchers.

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