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What is Clownfish Voice Changer and How to Discord with it?

What is clownfish voice changer ?

Clownflish voice changer is a program that changes your voice into different versions by changing the pitch of the voice. This is a very awesome program that I’ve been searching for and I decided to share it with you guys. It is a little different voice changer for pc and android than other and it is totally free not paid one.

What is Discord?

Online games are rapidly growing nowadays, people are being crazy day by day on online games. For example:- Pubg, San Andreas Multiplylay, GTA V, Fortnite, etc which are fasting growing online games. But there are not feature of live audio chat on all online games, if there is then the quality of audio is so poor. In this case Discord can solve your problem. If your games do’t have live audio chat then discord can help you to chat live during playing game with your team members. As we talks in technical term then it is called Voice Over IP Program like TeamSpeak, Curse,

As every gamer know that PUBG and many other games have a poor voice chat facility, It allows gamer to live audio chat but sometimes it’ll lag your audio. If you are facing this problem then don’t worry I’m here to solve your problem.

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How To Download Discord For Pc? or How To Download Discord For Android?

Here are some few steps to download discord:-

Download Discord For PC:-

  1. Go to google and search Discord then goes to the first link or you can directly go from here.
  2. Then if you want to download it and install it then clicks on Downloads For Windows.
  3. And If you wanted to open Discord on dowser then click on Open Discord In Your Browser.
  4. Now this one is last step, if you downloaded it then simply install it and create a new account. Similar steps for browser too.

Download Discord For Mobile / Android

  • Similar steps for android too, you have to download Discord from Playstore and search for Discord and install it.Create account on Discord and all done.

Features of Dircord

  • You can create links to make your friend join with you or you can create channel too for a teams.
  • You can signup and create your own username.

How To Use Discord for Android Or PC?

If you want to make your friends join on your team or your server then you have to make a server for this or join a server if you happen to have a link to a server.

clownfish voice changer

Discord for Android

Just follow this 2 step then you ‘ll see a interface on which you have to select the region for the serer, just select one region which you like most and place your group name then creates a new server. On the right option you can invite your friends. It is so simple interference of Discord which is straightforward to use.

How do you set the clownfish voice changer for discord?

Here are some few steps by which you can solve your problem.


  • Discord
  • Clownfish

It is so easy to set up this but many users asked to about think so I’m going to explain it in brief. Once you ‘ve installed Discord and Clownfsih  on your Pc/ Android then turn it by double clicking it.Then select your voice type likes Ladies voices, male voice, robot voice, etc whatever you want.

[sociallocker] [/sociallocker]


Then Minimize it and start Discord, join your group or create your group and tell your friends to join it. Now Enjoy your games, Your real voice will not be heard by other online players.

This is a simple article on how do you use voice changer in discord?clownfish voice changer
What is clownfish voice changer? What is the best free voice changer? how do you use voice changer in discord? How do you set the clownfish voice changer for discord? If you’re facing any problem regarding our article then fill to share it.


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